Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yeah!! Let's kick start...................hmm.....but how??(Part 1 - The Search)

I think 90% of people who want to start their own ideal internet home business will ask this very first question, while you can have thousands of answers come to you if you post this question to different well-known internet business discussion forum, you can also think about it yourself using common sense. Are you going to invest thousands of dollars to something that you have never tried, even people keep telling you it will getting big? I think the answer will be definitely NO even if you ask your senior Franklin Templeton financial consultant. So, what should you do?? Give up here?? Not yet, let's kick start now.

The Search - The Beginning of Success
From what I know, even the greatest home business enterpreneur start from surfing the internet and search for their targeted fields that they are ready to make money with, it's going to be either something they interested in or simply their profession. I think it's plain and simple to understand why doing so because at least one won't be fooled by some unprofessional and extravagant affiliate programs telling you that a laptop computer can bring you to Mars in 7 hours(You really trust that exists and believe that works??!! This should take you some hours away if you are serious in looking for the things you want. What?? You still don't know what to search?? OK, OK, OK, don't go panic, I will explain it.

Google/Yahoo/MSN show time
If you have some spare hours during Saturday afternoon, just goto Google/Yahoo/MSN/ or whatever search engines you like to search websites and product makers that fall into the 2 categories I mentioned above(something you interested in or your profession). Doing this will give you two types of important information, first is how many people is competiting with in that particular field, obviously websites that "review funtionality of pocket PC" got lot more competitors than websites that "review the functionality of pentagram to summon ancient demons through untold ceremony". This information will give you hints about how easy or how difficult your internet business will become. But even if you found your interest area is way too obscure that you can only found 10-20 competitors on the internet, don't get too excited because you may not able to get a penny for building websites that target this specific topic, I will talk about why this happen in later chapters of the "kick start" series. Hey, just don't go dating that soon, this chapter is not yet finished!

Second Ring Of Power
The second important information that your search will give you is how profitable is your interest? Why is it so important? Say if you want to make a website that facilitate some "toothpick" affiliate programs in it, the products are selling at 2 to 5 US dollars per pack, and you got 50% share for each convert, if your web hosting is, say, 9.99 US dollars per month, you need to convert four packs of the 5 dollars one to cover your web hosting cost, ah.......sorry, did you said you want to buy a new $899.9 computer? You do the maths then. So, how to measure the profitability of certain product or more general, field? Here I will provide one tool to you if you don't want to spend a penny, the Overture free toolset for evaluating keywords(The tool set is located at the right hand side, below the big banner). I know that people didn't usually use this tool for this purpose, but I found it quite useful when doing the initial researching of your internet business opportunities, you can use the keyword suggestion tool to find specific keywords in your interested field, and you can use the view bid tool to see the bid price of specific keywords. However, the result is very general and sometimes inaccurate, because it is only the bid price of the Overture program, and other pay-per-click engines do not use their data. While you cannot vision the Spanish villa at his moment, you least see the path to there. So how to get there?? I think it's better to get there step by step, I will continue this series later.

What to expect next?
In the coming chapters I will continue on my way of researching profitablity in terms of pay-per-click campaign and affiliate programs, as they are quite different so I will divide them and talk about them one by one. So expect nothing but epic journey to Isengard!! See you soon!!

Click here for part 2


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