Monday, September 19, 2005

Yeah!! Let's kick start...................hmm.....but how??(Part 2P – Gold mine or rubblish mount)

Hello readers! This is part 2P of my kick start series, I hope you find the first part interesting enough to continue reading this, if you are reading part 2 without reading part 1 please check the archive for it, because you may lost if you jump start to here and the subsequent chapters of this series. And if you notice this is part 2"P" because it stands for pay-per-click stream of the kick start series. There will be another stream for the internet affiliate program kick start series but I will write for that series later.

Find your Gold Mine, kick away the rubblish mount
If you have done the searching pretty well and find something you really interested, very good! You are ready to step forward for the more interesting part of the Search, just like I mentioned at the end of part one, I recommend you to use the Overture free toolset to do some research on keywords first, but what is the theory behind this? If you are joining the internet business game you must understand keyword is the KING (okay, QUEEN also, if you think I am discriminating female) of internet business, and it's not just about business but virtually everything about internet. You must have experiences searching for something on the internet if you are reading this, can you recall how can you do that? Yes, keyword, keywords and KEYWORDS and by refining your keywords a little bit more, your search return more relevant results to you. Returning to the business matters, your customer also use keywords to find you and your website, so you are about to win or lose depends on the keywords too.

Keyword war
The Overture tool will provide you some information about keyword, the first thing to do is use the keyword suggestion tool to see how your beloved keywords perform in the Overture program. Just type in your targeted keyword in the box and press the button and you will see suggestion to this particular keyword, usually presented in format that are more than one word. The funny thing is that you will always find something that you never thought of people will use to get targeted traffic. The next thing to do is knowing how many people use those keywords to describe their business and get web traffic to it. After you found a keyword that suits your business best, the next thing you do is to use the view bid tool to see the bid price of this keywords. This tool should return a list of advertiser that currently using this particular keywords to get traffic from the Overture program, the bid price is stated below each description of the web, so what this bid price can tell? You can see someone willing to pay 6 dollars per click, while someone is only willing to pay 10 cents per click; this somehow shows how profitable that particular business is. And again I must once let you know the information Overture provide is only valid in their program, and if you really want to find a more detailed one you have to search the internet by yourself (don't tell me you don't know how to do after I explained for almost 2 chapters), you can actually find someone posting some high paying keywords (Usually are Google Adsense keywords) list on various forums talking about pay-per-click business. Whether they are trustworthy or not? Well, I have to say the data is not quite updated usually but at least you got an idea.

Reveal the Truth
OK, if you really follow through this you should have a basic idea of what to search for your pay-per-click campaign to make a good start. But as you know there's no free lunch, if you are really serious and want to make an excellent start on your internet business you should invest some money for a trustworthy keyword report like the Cash Keywords Report. This report gives you important information on Google Adsense keywords that which one is making you a lot of money and which one is not. And give you an information that is very important is how much advertisements are in the Google ad inventory for that keywords, because if there are too few advertisements then you are not going to make a penny because you website can only provide your reader the same old three ads whenever they visits, that's really bad!!

What to expect next?
You now have a keyword, no matter you do this just by research or you found it in a paid report, it's about time to think about how to build something to attract people to see your ads and click on them to earn yourself money, obviously it will be a website or blog, but it will take some chapters to really lead you to there so please stay calm at this point but you are not bounded to think about how to do it and if you are confident with yourself you can start building it!

Click here for part 3P


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