Monday, September 19, 2005

Yeah!! Let's kick start...................hmm.....but how??(Part 3P - Workers of your Gold Mine)

Hello readers, this is part 3 of my kick start series for the pay per click stream, this is going to be a very important part of the whole series because I am going to give you information on how to get the gold in the gold mine.

Your powerful workers
So you may ask, who is the worker on the internet that works for me? If you remembered what I mentioned in final paragraph of part 2 you will just scream out: "I know that, I know that, it's a website!!!!!" Yes, you are right, it's a website, and with a website your business opportunities can be unlimited. Building a website is very easy nowadays; you do not need to be an expert to do so especially you can have many free tools While the construction work is easy, the true meaning behind this is the website is your worker, but getting the worker earning cash for you needs "training", and training a website means you have to build it with certain techniques in order the website really works something out for you.

Just before you start
Try to recall one of your training you ever attained in your life, how was it? Boring? Complete? Exciting? Whatever answer you have for this question, I can tell you creating a website that generates cash is like one of your training, sometimes happy and sometimes boring. Once you accepted this concept in your mind you will find creating website one of the most self-fulfilling job, you may wondering (and annoyed) why I spend few lines to talk about something that does not seems like relating to the business I am talking about. Because just like training, you won't saw effect in just few hours or overnight, you have to attain several training sessions before you have some improvements. Back to the website issue, even you built your website with the most cutting-edge technology and graphics, and even everybody telling you that internet is fast; it really takes time to have results. After all, what I want to tell is building website is a continuous work, of course you can build one to two pages at first and get them online, but you have to build more pages as time goes by, and only by building more pages your website will be more effective (I will talk about why in later chapters) in earning you a new computer, a new car or even a new house.

Get the "Webcalibur"
Hehe, it takes me sometime to think about this paragraph headline and the special term, and for those who at least read the index of any King Arthur related novels or books should not be unfamiliar with the mighty sword Excalibur, and for the term webcalibur I refer to the software that you can use to build website. I recommend this free tool for all of you, no matter you are a newbie or an expert you will find this tool easy to use and powerful enough, NVU is the name of the software, you can visit and download it, it's an open source software and the best of all is that it's free to use. Please refer to the documentation of the software on how to use it. Next to NVU you can still find other tools to build your website, Dreamweaver MX or Microsoft FrontPage are other tools for building website and they are definitely the most famous one available, of course you need to pay for it and they are quite expensive, but if you think investing some money for a site building tool I will recommend an excellent tool called Site Build It!. This terrific tool is one of the most complete toolset for building a site that can easily generate income, it is not only a website creator but it is also a comprehensive tool that serve you with all the things you need to make your dream website.

Style will rule
Website style is a controversial topic when comes to website design, some prefer more aesthetic approach, some prefer clean and direct one. I personally think that website for the purpose to facilitate pay per click advertisements should be made clean and direct to the topic, leave your Picasso style template to your personal website or weblog. The reason for such a decision is building a very fancy website usually require a distinct art sense to work it out, while many of you were not graduated from art school, you will need a freelance web artist to do that for you, that cost you hundreds to thousands depends on how good the freelancer is. And usually these kind of aesthetic stuffs are made of Flash which search engine do not like, that means you website cannot be indexed easily, this is bad, very bad!! So build your website with a clean theme is very important, with rich and relevant content your website will be indexed easier and those contextual advertisements will come to your site easily. If you really need professionals to build a website for you and too lazy to search the web, contact Hyper Tech then. I work for this company and we have teams of web designer and copywriters to create websites that will get the Google Adsense advertisements precisely.

What to expect next?
After reading this chapter you should have yourself some basic knowledge on how to create a website using tools or recruiting someone to do it. Remember you need to keep building pages and adding more content to it, it's sometimes tough but when you get through it your wealth is just waiting behind your door. In next chapter I will keep on discussing one thing that your website need, which is considered the lifeblood of website, your visitor. So stay tuned and wish you every success in internet business!


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I've read all 3 parts so far and like it :)
You hit a nail on the head with your chapter "style will rule" I am a fan of simplicity myself.

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